Is your home really in desperate need of repair and won’t show well on the real estate market? Maybe you’re interested in buying a short sale or foreclosure that’s in rough shape and want to take advantage of HUD’s FHA 203k loan program that allows you to include rehab costs in the mortgage to get that ugly home looking beautiful again with KMB’s help. No matter the circumstance, KMB Homes has restored over 50 homes in the last decade, so you’ll have comfort knowing that we have the skills and experience to provide you accurate recommendations and a realistic budget for successfully restoring homes.restoring homes, kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovation, home renovators
Each project will begin with a thorough inspection by a KMB Homes supervisor to look for the “hidden gems” as we call them in the trade. These are the problems or repairs the normal homeowner doesn’t know how to look for. By treating each property as if it were our own home, we take the due diligence process very seriously because we will not cut corners on a home restoration to save a few bucks. We believe that in order to be the best total home makeover company in Berks County, you have to possess an incredible eye for the details, which is something we take great pride in.

Another way KMB Homes has helped families by restoring homes in Reading, PA is through flipping a home you already own for your profit! If you have recently inherited, purchased, or want to purchase a home that will be resold for profit, KMB Homes is your best source for this type of service. We work with you on a very personal level to share the industry insights as to what makes a home more valuable, what upgrades won’t have a great return on investment, and which repairs absolutely must be done to avoid inspection problems. With our team of top-notch subcontractors and Realtors© your investment is being handled by the best in the business, and trust us, our standards are ridiculously high. The best part is, KMB Homes has been purchasing dated, dilapidated, and extremely neglected homes for over 10 years! We like to say we’ve been “flipping” houses before HGTV made it look cool. We use a custom developed formula to calculate the budgets and upgrades needed to completely restoring homes for a profit. Having great success in this industry has been incredibly humbling in that it has allowed us to do what we love and truly live up to our slogan, “Restoring Value To Your Community, One Home At A Time”.

Not interested in selling that house or dealing with the restoration on your dime and your time? KMB Homes can potentially purchase your home, in some cases in as little as two weeks to begin the restoration process. Contact us or call us to schedule a meeting to review your home in detail and learn what may be needed to get that money fast and move on to your next home! Don’t let your homes’ appearance and repair headaches stall your plans, have KMB Homes help you get out from under that weight on your shoulders quickly and efficiently.

Do you know of an ugly, neglected home in your neighborhood that’s hurting the value of your home or the homes around it? Give us a call! We buy houses cash in Berks County anywhere from Leesport to Reading and have all of the resources necessary to purchase a home quickly from someone that doesn’t want the home anymore to restore life into that home and your community.