Working in remodeling, installation, and construction since 1987 – Dustin Riegel. The founder of KMB Homes has been involved in many different facets for various applications in and out of the home. Some of these facets include building including deck design and construction, custom carpentry, windows and doors, roof installation, tile installation and house siding, flooring, and custom-designed woodwork.

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Dustin Riegel – Founder KMB Homes

Dustin began his career self-employed as a home remodeler for a period of five years after high school. During this time, he was an advanced student in the carpentry department of Vo-tech before getting into new home construction. Dustin ran the Customer Service Department at one of Berks County’s top home builders, Greth Homes for almost 20 years. At the latter end of Dustin’s tenure at Greth, he built the first remodeling department for Greth. He took projects from pricing, to installation, and through his warranty department before deciding to venture out on his own. He offers the same level of quality and service at a much more affordable price in his community by creating KMB Properties LLC (now KMB Homes).

In those years working in new home construction, Dustin’s specialty became working with Reading & Leesport homeowners to solve problems. In the process, he earned their trust through all kinds of projects.. This earned him national awards in customer service at Greth Homes. All that being said, there isn’t much Dustin hasn’t seen at this point. This is why KMB Homes can offer so many different services to accommodate your needs.

KMB Homes began home restoration in 1999 and it has become one of our two primary business activities. Not only is home restoration an enjoyable business to work in, but it helps bring value back into the community. The way KMB Homes handles purchasing, pricing, and settlements allows us to give you a quality home that’s like new, without a giant price tag – affording more families the opportunity to live the American Dream of homeownership.

Dustin Riegel is most certainly the leader, master troubleshooter, and handles all of the big decisions in purchasing and selling homes and restoring homes. However, he is the first to admit that it requires a TEAM to be successful. With the help of his wife, Monica Riegel, KMB Homes’ legal needs and accounting functions are kept running smoothly and in an organized fashion. Her role is primarily behind the scenes, but it is a vital one. She makes sure KMB does business the right way and billing happens efficiently.

During your project, you might meet some of the other KMB Homes team members. KMB currently employs four remodeling technicians. Dustin trains them exclusively in proper demolition and tear out, clean working, and the highest level of craftsmanship and finish quality. The lead technician of the group is Wyatt Ochs who has been with KMB Homes from the beginning. He backs Dustin up as a supervisor when Dustin isn’t available. Being a family owned business, the children (who the company is named after) also participate as time allows them to between school, work, sports, and kids: Kathryn, Mason, and Brandon.

Are you interested in flipping your home, roof installation, tile installation, custom carpentry, or any of our remodeling services? Do you have any questions regarding remodeling, renovations, or installations? Feel free to contact us! We work in Leesport & Reading PA and could flip your home if it’s in desperate need of renovations.