When starting any renovation or restoration project, you should know what to expect from the company you’re working with. We have the basics of what you should know about working with us listed below, and if you have additional questions you can reach out to us!

      1. What should I expect from our first visit?

        Our first visit is a fun one! A supervisor from KMB Homes will schedule a time at your convenience Monday through Friday to visit the location of your remodel or restoration to get an idea of what the project requires. We will need to know your budget, your must-haves for the project, and any specific timelines that might exist. We will take extensive notes and possibly conduct a visual inspection of the affected areas of the home or building. Then we discuss the follow-up steps to formulate an estimate for the project, which we deliver to you via email.

      2. How long will my project take to start?

        Your project start date depends on a lot of things. Our current schedule, of course, impacts when we’ll get started. Other things like seasons, finances, and permitting often make the biggest impact on how quickly your project will begin. Your supervisor at KMB Homes will be able to give you a general project timeline including a start date if you sign a contract within the expected timeframe of receiving your estimate.kitchen renovation project

      3. When will my project be done?

        Project completion time, much like start time varies greatly from one project to another. Below are some example projects with the corresponding project duration for reference:

        1. New windows projects takes about 1-3 days depending on the size of the home.
        2. A new Kitchen remodel including tear out is often 10-14 weeks. There is a minimum of 6 weeks, possibly up to 12 weeks for the quality of Kitchen cabinetry we will use in your home to be delivered. This timeline depends upon the finish colors and styles you may choose. No, we won’t tear out your Kitchen week 1 and leave you without a Kitchen until the new cabinetry arrives. We build our project schedules intelligently and run a tight ship with our trade partners to keep your project running smoothly to meet our deadlines.
        3. Tile backsplash jobs finish in about one week (not including countertop replacement).
        4. A 10 x 16 wood deck can be torn out and replaced with a new, composite deck in a week to 10 days.
      4. Are you licensed and insured?

        Absolutely. If for any reason you were to hire a contractor other than KMB Homes, protect yourself by only working with a company that is licensed and insured. We are also PA Remodeler certified according to the state law for your comfort. Not every remodeler has PA certification, so be sure to ask that question if you are comparing companies.

      5. Can you take walls out of my house to open up the layout?

        Yes, we can, but as the saying goes, “For every action, there’s a reaction.” In order to remove walls in your home to open up the layout, we must first assess the wall to verify whether or not it is a load bearing wall. A load bearing wall holds significant weight distributed from the roof to the basement and foundation. Next, we determine the impact a wall removal has on electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. We need to make sure you understand everything that needs to happen and what to expect on your formal estimate. In some cases, a wall simply cannot be removed, or will not make financial sense to remove. The amount of cost associated with hiring architects, permitting, inspections, and the material needed to shift load support within a home would be far too high to be a reasonable renovation.

      6. Can you purchase a home?

        In certain instances, yes, we can purchase homes. If you’re just ready to move out and move on, KMB Homes can help! You will need to schedule a meeting with us to discuss aspects of your home and what might be necessary for us to buy it.

      7. Do you have referrals?

        You may need to take a few days off of work to call them all, but yes we absolutely have referrals. KMB Homes is proud to say we’ve never had a formal advertising or marketing budget. Our quality craftsmanship and customer service has created not only an incredible referral business but ample repeat business from our customers. Just ask, and we can provide a few recent customers for you to contact for reference.

If there is anything else you feel you need to know, feel free to contact us! We provide many remodeling services and complete restoration projects in and around Reading PA and Leesport PA.